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We are a communication agency specialised in the most relevant niches with a strong focus on business to business. Ask us anything and we will help you to make it true in a manner that fits your and our values.
Trust us to help you to achieve your goals.
Don't hesitate and get in touch after you have read this page completely and agree about our way of working.


We are atypical and implement a successful communication concept that fits your product and company.
Our most important values are Business Ethics, Durability, Ecological and Social Responsibility.

Immediate start-up, no need for training time or training costs. Pay as you go.


As a symbol for our crystal clear communication and valuable partnership with freedom to stop every moment you want.


We brainstorm together as architects about a new concept.
We do it too!


You pay us per minute we call or acquirer for you. Not per acquisition. Very transparent reporting per minute.

We have an average success rate of 9% to 90% depending on the type of acquisition. To call for example 200 leads, prices start at 1.475€. Worst case you will have around 20 qualitative appointments. This means you paid only 74€ per appointment. This is of course also product/leads dependent.
Do you want to spend 15 minutes or 60 minutes to a lead? It's up to you to choose.

This will result in more revenue. We can't guarantee any results, but go the extra mile to achieve this.


01 - Interest? Contact us!

02 - Let's get to know each other better. We will phone or email you.

03 - Together we identify the reason to innovate. Feel and/or Think about it!
04 - Connect with us. We will give you access to a safe and password-protected platform.
05 - Save costs and time. We work 100% remotely but if you absolutely want, we can meet in person.
06 - Just send us your list of leads. If needed, t
ogether we brainstorm as architects about your unique idea.
07 - We sent you a cost estimation. If needed, we make a 
detailed roadmap and a cost estimation of your idea.
08 - We start to execute your idea as soon as possible to meet your 
09 - You and We monitor the quality and progress. We adjust 
immediately to make the campaign a success.
10 - Evaluate the outcome and repeat it!

Correct Marketing to the Correct Person!

Using legitimate interest as the basis for B2B marketing involves ensuring key conditions are met:

  • "The processing must relate to the legitimate interests of your business or a specified third party, providing that the interests or fundamental rights of the data subject do not override the business' legitimate interest."
  • "The processing must be necessary to achieve the legitimate interests of the organization."

Final remark: We never sell or share your contact information with third parties.



We carefully select cold leads who will have an interest in your product and company. This via database selection and a mutual agreement about used filters like sector, company size, region, language, etc.


We make the appointments for you! So you have more time to visit customers. We plan your agenda and optimize your scheduling. This will generate more revenue. You can provide us with leads or generate them.


Get insights into your sales cycle and marketing efforts, forecast your revenue. But we go even further. Do you want to do market research to make the right strategic decisions? We help you to collect the data and to transform this data into useful information reports.

We can help you to generate organic leads by using digital signage or by making use of LinkedIn, Google Adwords, Facebook, and other social media platforms. These lukewarm leads will have a greater success rate compared to cold leads. 

We have a broad network of startups and established companies in Belgium and around the world.
We can find that one DIAMOND for your company.
The DIAMOND to boost the growth of your company or just to make it possible to continue.
Inspiration events, education, conferences, or seminars are the best way to connect to people.


We don't have a long history but because of the way we do business, we will write history.

We can provide you with meaningful references. We don't put them all on our website because of confidentiality.

You can work in your comfort zone, we can integrate with most CRM/ERP packages. Microsoft Dynamics, Teamleader, SalesForce, etc... 




We help companies big or small
in any possible way to grow.



Address: Kruisem, Belgium

Email: dimitridemeester@icloud.com

Phone: (+32) 0479 - 296 - 754


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