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We work always with native speaking Mind Harvesters (Dutch, French, English, Spanish, etc) who have a profound knowledge of your business domain. 


Telephone Acquisition

Cold Calling, Sales Appointments, Invitations, Partnerships, etc

The most intensive and interactive communication is at a one-to-one level. Most of this communication is face to face. There are so many examples. People keep saying cold calling is dead, but many successful businesses rely on cold calling to drive revenue. Whether they're big companies or high-growth startups, they all have sales reps eagerly dealing numbers at least one hour a day.

All-in cost estimation for a campaign to call 200 leads will start at around 1.475€.
The exact price depends on your idea, product and target group.
This includes rental of the platform, recording, realtime reporting, optimization, followup, etc...

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Market Research

Questionnaire Surveys, Customer experience, Quality service, Mystery Calling, etc

The advantages of telephone surveys include the fact that callers can provide additional information and clarification, or can ask probing, clarifying questions. Telephone surveys also tend to have higher response rates than online equivalents, meaning self-selection bias can be better controlled. 

Video Conferencing

Video conference with two or more people

A video conference is a live, visual connection between two or more people residing in separate locations for the purpose of communication. At its simplest, video conferencing provides the transmission of static images and text between two locations. At its most sophisticated, it provides transmission of full-motion video images and high-quality audio between multiple locations. 

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We work always with native speaking Mind Harvesters (Dutch, French, English, Spanish, etc) who have a profound knowledge of your business domain. 

Face2Face Interviews

Questionnaire Surveys, Customer experience, Quality service, Mystery audits, etc

Our face2face solutions and Mystery Audits help measure customer experience and solve your toughest business challenges. We do mystery shopping, customer/employee interviews, customer satisfaction surveys, brand audits, business intelligence or other demands.

Sales appointments

Complex or less complex products, etc

Do you want to save transport costs or emit less CO2? We can help you to visit customers face to face. We provide sales reps who live closer to your customers.
Do you have a temporary peak in sales appointments? Maybe you want to launch a big campaign and need more sales resources? Warm leads cool down quickly or get in contact with a competitor. Don't let this happen. We help you to visit customers.

Exhibition participation

Help Your Brand Outshine with Creative Exhibition Stands

We have tailor-made exhibition stand hire packages, meticulously made for specific exhibiting needs. This package takes care of your complete project, from exhibition stand designing, graphics printing, and production, installation and dismantle, to entire project management. We foresee even a promotion team if you want.

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Asking the right questions will save you a lot of time and money

The best way to understand your clients’ needs and provide them with the best estimate possible is to ask lots of questions. These questions need to be specific and purposeful. Your survey or quiz won’t just incorporate your logo, colors, and other brand elements. You can add also images, videos, animations - you name it! Because fun and engaging get you better results!

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Connect with Your audience

Social media advertising reaches audiences in a low-cost, impactful, and effective way. This is exactly why social media campaigns (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, and Google Adwords) have become a crucial marketing technique for businesses everywhere. With billions of people on social platforms, almost 7 million in Belgium — and continued growth in monthly users and influence — it’s hard to imagine how businesses could remain relevant without creating a social media presence. From local village targeting to worldwide targeting.

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Your personal website to engage

We deliver the right content for you website. Websites who publish frequently quality content will end up higher in search engine rankings. The content is checked on different legal points, like plagiarism and read by experts in the domain. Interesting content will result in engagement. You don't need long walls of text or complicated content. It has te be understandable for the average person. This is exactly what we do.




We help companies big or small
in any possible way to grow.



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